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A complete guide to architecting your content

Getting Started

We’ve all heard that “content is king.” Yet simply creating more content can be counterproductive. One look at the vast amount of content circling the globe and it’s clear: more of the wrong content only creates confusion. And that’s a problem.

If content is king, smart content development, design, and management are its rooks, bishops, and knights.

As it stands, many people and their organizations unintentionally say less with more, when the goal should be to say more with less.

But most of us are too busy working, managing social media accounts, and fostering client relationships to monitor the quality and effectiveness of the content we produce.

Contentiful offers a solution.

This content architecture guide was designed with you in mind. Its purpose is to help you understand content architecture—from developing quality content (in plain language) to managing and maintaining your content for easy retrieval and reuse.

Content architecture involves creating, designing, and managing content. It includes systems for information retrieval and sharing. It covers both the big picture and the details. And it (content architecture) clarifies the relationships between different content.

This is no small task. Architecting requires demolition, cleaning up, condensing, and organizing. So why begin tackle such a daunting task?

Because content architecture can:

  • Help your customers find what they need or want, easier.
  • Clearly describe your products and services so your customers can make confident decisions.
  • Provide clear and relevant calls-to-action that encourage your customers to respond.
  • Help your employees and users get answers, quickly and reliably.
  • Establish proper documentation and procedures to meet compliance standards.
  • Further extend your brand through clarity and consistency.
  • And much more!