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Frequently Asked Questions

I use simple (yet effective) strategies for developing, designing, and managing adaptive content, so you can get the results you expect, consistently and confidently. I also focus on simple, clear communication using plain language principles. It’s not rocket science, 🚀 but there is a method to the modus operandi, and I’m good at what I do!

Content architecture is the process of organizing information in a way that’s meaningful, clear, and intuitive for your audience and end users. It is carefully planning your content (along with its purpose and accessibility) from development to management — and everything in between. My content architecture framework incorporates three fundamental strategies:

1) Develop
2) Design
3) Manage

Learn more with my Content Architecture Guide.

Development is my fancy way of saying writing. ✍ I’m a content developer (aka writer) who helps you say more with less and creates adaptable content for you to use on a variety of platforms.

While I work with a boat-load of content, my specialty is technical, proposal, and UX writing in IT, high-tech, and software development industries.

Design is what I do after we have crafted and refined your content. I consult with you about visually representing your content in the most strategic format — everything from simple onepagers 📑 to complex, multi-page documents 📚.

Management is the strategy I use to ensure your content stays up-to-date and accessible to your teams, managers, and stakeholders — by implementing (or consulting with you and your team on) best practices and using industry content management tools, techniques, and applications.

I work on a PC-based platform with Microsoft Office Suite, Google Workspace, Adobe Creative Suite, Confluence, SharePoint, and more. I can provide your deliverables in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, and PDF—as is relevant and applicable to your project. That means you get all versions and formats of the files I create for you while working on your project.

If there is a format you don’t see listed above, please ask. Most likely, I can work with it; it just might not be my preferred or top-rated format. For example, I know how to work with Visio files, but I prefer to translate them into PowerPoint, so they are more appealing, flexible, and transferrable.

I use my company Google Drive (a secure, cloud-based, file storage and sharing application) to maintain your project files.🗄

As soon as you sign a contract to work with me, we will begin the onboarding process, which includes giving you access to a shared project folder on Google Drive. That structured folder will capture all the files (i.e., contracts, documentation, images, project content, and so on) we’ll need to access throughout the life of your project.

When everyone is satisfied, and we have slain all the dragons, 🐉 I package up and upload your project files to a “Final Files” folder on Google Drive. I’ll send you the link to the folder from which you can download your files.

PLEASE NOTE: I keep your project files in that dedicated folder on Google Drive for three months, after which they will be removed to maintain space allocation limits. After your project closeout, I do keep the lines of communication open for questions and project spin-offs. So, feel free to send me an email any time.

This depends on your project scope and deliverables and your expeditious feedback during revisions and approvals, buy my typical project collaboration averages four to 12 weeks.

The entire kit and caboodle! While I thoroughly enjoy the projects I work on, I’m equally happy to release control and ownership to you when I have your approval and final project payment. I’ll send you a link to your “Final Files” folder on Google Drive. You’ll have three months to access and download your files. And naturally, I’m available to assist with the process if you need it.

Office hours: My office hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00 am–3:30 pm (MT). During our time together, we’ll use email, phone, and Google Meet as our primary modes of communication. And speaking of communication, when you contact me, I promise to respond to you within one business day.

What about text messages? Text messages are not easy to track or manage, and I like to focus on your project without distractions. For those reasons, I have a no-texting policy.

Snail mail: If you need or prefer to use snail mail, my address is below. Call me old-fashioned or nostalgic, but I still enjoy receiving communique in my snailbox. 📫

Contentiful Strategies, LLC / Donna Creason
2655 Covington Court
Fort Collins, CO 80526

I’m in it with you, so I understand. Life happens, and we can’t always follow through on our commitments. I only ask that you don’t make canceling and rescheduling meetings habitual. Please make every effort to attend our scheduled meetings on time, which honors both of our time and ensures a mutual commitment to your project.

I’m super flexible if you need to reschedule. 🗓 When I send you email reminders of our meetings, there will be a link in the email where you can reschedule up to 48 hours before the start of our meeting.

After we’ve signed a project contact together, I do offer a cancellation policy with a minimum of five business days written notice.

However, canceling our contract does not relinquish your obligation to pay project fees for the current phase or any pre-approved expenses. If I need to cancel, I will provide a prorated refund of any overages of fees paid minus any approved, unpaid costs incurred on your behalf.